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Battery LFP Cell 6Ah 32700 | Lithium Iron Phosphate | Bare Cell | New

Battery LFP Cell 6Ah 32700 | Lithium Iron Phosphate | Bare Cell | New

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The highly reliable and robust Lithium Iron Phosphate, or LFP cells, are the most stable of the lithium battery family. The 6Ah 32700 cells have a monstrous and powerful capacity, and are rated at 2000 cycles, allowing for a lifetime of use and up to 10 years if used regularly.

Available now, these cells are perfect for powering QRP Radios, small amplifiers, QRO Radios, and other DC powered electronics - ideal for your next battery powered projects.

 Please Note: These cells are not compatible with the HT battery packs.

These are my Lithium Iron Phosphate Cells.

All are brand new and never used.

All carry a 1 year warranty when installed with a BMS purchased from me and used as intended.

Nominal Voltage - 3.2v

Max Charge Current - 6A

Max Continuous Discharge Current - 18A 

DATA SHEET on Google Drive

Please read and understand the warnings in the Lithium Disclosure Page

Important Note: Do not solder battery together. Spot welding is strongly recommended. 

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