September Update 2023

Hello All,
I am happy to say I completed all the orders! The last batch will be mailed out today. Shipping notifications and tracking information has already been emailed.
Moving on to other business.

Product Updates:

RF Adapter Kit: I’m happy to announce a new addition to the store. It is a 24 piece kit that has SMA, BNC and UHF adapters. Hopefully it’s what you need! Check it out here.

New RF adapters: I have stocked new RF adapters as well. UHF 90 degree, and UHF passthrough. Add them to an existing order to save on shipping. Check them out here.

BP-Y14L v6: Orders are opening again today. Grab one while this batch is in stock!

6ah LiFePo4 Portable Pack: I have finished design, and I finally got a new spot welder. I am officially selling my 6ah LiFePo4 battery pack. Constructed of all new cells, and a protective ABS cage. Rated for over 3000 cycles. Its bare bones and spartan by design to minimize weight and size. It has a 6 inch lead with Anderson PowerPole connections. See the product page for more info. I can do custom sizes and configurations on request. Email me for a quote.

Prototyping Updates

Icom IC-51/52 and IC-705 Battery Pack: This radio is next on my list to develop for. If anyone is willing to sell or lend a ID-51 or ID-52 for a good price, I’m needing one! I can offer store credit, or pay. Help make this next series of batteries a reality. A radio is needed to verify the battery is functional and safe. This new battery should end up being similar to the BP-Y14L, where it has USB-C charging, and a 5ah capacity. Email me if you want to sell yours.

Desk Cradle for BP-Y14L: The design is complete, and the prototype is functional. I’m happy with how it turned out. I am currently working to source the proper parts to start production of these, and list them on the site. The wait is almost over. I hope to be selling these before the end of the year.

Feedback Request

Thank you for those who sent in the feedback emails from the last post.
I have a new question for you this Time.

Some of you might be familiar with the Quansheng UV-K5 and UV-K5(8). I have the UV-K5(8) radio on hand, and it feels and seems much nicer than a Baofeng UV-5R. A quick review of the UV-K5, it’s much sturdier and nicer feeling than the UV-5R. It has a nicer screen that is much easier to read, and has native USB-C charging. With its hackable firmware, this radio is very capable. My price would be cheaper than Amazon, and you get to support a local ham. I can offer firmware hack before shipping per request.
My question is: Should I stock this radio and sell it on this site?
Submit your answer here.


Thanks everyone for your support.

73 de WØAEZ

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