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PolyPuck v2 KIT | DIY KIT | Versatile Vertical Mount | Easy Ground Radials | Rugged and Ultra-Light

PolyPuck v2 KIT | DIY KIT | Versatile Vertical Mount | Easy Ground Radials | Rugged and Ultra-Light

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This is the kit form of the PolyPuck v3.

PolyPuck v3 offers a versatile, universal vertical mount to construct your own ground plane. This platform is simple to use, and is compatible with Hamsticks, telescoping whips, and other vertical antennas.

Now on version 3! 

A slightly larger redesign, the puck now has room for a ground spike for even more versatility. The leg angles have been optimized for better stability. There is now a weight hanger, so you may add a small weight for even more stability in windy conditions. 

O-Rings in the wells provide even better, more secure retention of the legs. The o-rings are user replaceable.

An honest review by Dan_In_SD on YouTube. 

The center mount is a 3/8-24 stud mount.

Constructed of rugged ABS plastic and printed in the color Orange for better visibility.


PolyPuck v2
Thumb screws
Preinstalled O-rings and spare O-rings
3/8-24 to UHF connector preinstalled.

Assembly Guide Click Here!

Need an adapter for your coax or radio? Maybe a wire winder for all your radials? I sell those too!

You need to provide the legs, counter poise and antenna.

Here is what I find that works well. 

12 ground radials cut to 2.5m works great. 24awg silicone wire works well, is lightweight and flexible.

Legs can be made from any rod, pipe, fiberglass pole that is approximately 3/8" in diameter. See note for further sourcing information.

For length, 24in is good size for portability and stability. Cut to your requirements.


Replacement O-rings on Amazon, 10 pack.

20AWG Silicone Wire for radials, 100ft spool.

3/8 Aluminum Rod, precut to different lengths. McMaster-Carr

Note for sourcing legs:

There are a number of places you can source legs for your puck.

I have provided a link to McMaster-Carr for easy reference, but it's not the only place.

Lowes and Home Depot sell aluminum rod if you are able to cut them.

Additionally, finding a local metal distributor can provide the cheapest cost per foot.

If you want fiberglass rods, driveway markers and tent supports can work if they are the proper size.

Do you have a 3D printer? I make this puck available for free.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Joseph Curry
This is my 3rd “Puck” they’re great

I have used these pucks on three different antenna projects and can recommend them.

Poly Puck - Inventors Spirit

With the advent of 3D printing, the world of creativity and inventiveness has sparked again. Kevin W0AEZ embodies this spirit with the Poly Puck. For light weight operation it doesn’t get any better than this. You could certainly spend more $$$ for something built by others but it would not be as light. I’ve configured the Poly Puck as a vertical with good success using the MFJ-1979 as the vertical radiator and six radials. Usually run 20m and 17m with this antenna setup. I think this is great option for portable work, especially if you are man portable and trying to shave as much weight as possible.


Joseph Curry
Great product

I love this design. It is perfect for a based loaded (adjustable) telescopic whip. This would be a five star product if it were injection molded. The 3D printing is very good but when I connected it directly to the base of my coil, the connecting screws sank uncomfortably deep into the puck (low density is characteristic of 3D printing).

A great modification would be to leave a couple of through-hole passages for two screws that could be used to attach the puck directly to a coil.