April Update 2024

Hello All.
It's been a while since my last update. A few things.

Ham Radio 2.0 now has a special edition battery pack in Olive Green. A portion of all profits of this pack directly support the channel. 

BP-Y14L - I have separated the partial pack and completed pack. Completed pack is only available in N America and is not visible for international customers. The Partial pack is only available in international markets and is not visible in N America. 

Restock Plan - April will only have one restock through Ham Radio 2.0 channel. I need to finish the Icom ID-51/52 battery pack. The locking mechanism has been designed and the rest of the battery needs to be completed. 

I still do not have a way to add a wait list for the battery pack, so it will continue to be first come first serve.


Thank  you all for your interest and support. 


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