February Update 2024

Hello All.
It's been a short while since my last update.

Inventory Updates
Anytone 878UV II Plus - I will restock these regularly. I have the best prices around selling these beautiful HT's for $275. This is a permanent price and no longer a promo price. 
Yaesu Batteries - I will do a very limited batch in February. New color release is pending. Keep an eye open for restock emails. 

Shipping Updates
If you ship through USPS, please be aware that some orders can take up to 30 days to arrive. Things tend to get lost in Denver. UPS is available as a shipping option.

Important Update
I will be doing a limited batch for the Yaesu batteries in February. I will take this month to focus on R&D for the Icom ID-51/52 battery. I will still fulfill all orders that come through.

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