September 21st Update 2023

Hello All!

I’m happy to say I’ve finished the current batch, and all orders will be dropped off at the post office today.

For those who have still not gotten your order, don’t worry. I am currently working with USPS to figure out the delays.
I would encourage those who are still waiting to reach out to USPS as well and help me light a fire under their rear.
I don’t understand why they dropped the ball during the first half of September 2023.

In other exciting news.

I've completed the migration to the new service provider and host. There were some hair pulling moments, but it's all been smoothed out. There are some new features for you all, including your account portal. 

There is now better, more accurate shipping for you to select from when available. 
Gift cards are now a thing! Grab one for your radio loving pal. 
And some other fun things that will be announced soon. 


Production Updates
Desk Cradle – I have ordered the cables needed to finalize tweaking. Once I’m happy with the design, orders will open for the much anticipated Desk Cradle!

Icom ID-51/52 and IC-705 – I’m happy to announce I am officially starting design for my extended battery packs for these radios! I anticipate they will contain the same huge Samsung 21700 cells of the Yaesu pack, providing a 5Ah capacity. I am going to try and also install USB-C Charging.

Stock Update
Quansheng UV-K5(8) – I have officially decided to stock these radios. I am waiting for the shipment to be delivered so I can put them into inventory!

Thank you everyone for the monumental support. It makes these things happen.

73 de WØAEZ

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