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W0AEZ Radio Gear

BP-Y14L v6 Ham Radio 2.0 | N AMERICA | Complete | Yaesu FT1 FT2 FT3 FT5 | 5Ah Capacity | USB-C Charging

BP-Y14L v6 Ham Radio 2.0 | N AMERICA | Complete | Yaesu FT1 FT2 FT3 FT5 | 5Ah Capacity | USB-C Charging

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In special collaboration with Ham Radio 2.0, we introduce the BP-Y14L in special edition Olive Green. Show your support for your favorite Ham Radio content creator. 
A portion of all profits from this battery pack directly support Ham Radio 2.0  

An aftermarket battery pack that fits the Yaesu FT1, FT2, FT3 and FT5.

Want a desk cradle? Add one to your cart to complete the pair! Click here!

5AH of capacity. More than 2x the stock capacity. Up to 34 hours of run time.

Constructed of ASA plastic for durability.

Uses New, Genuine Samsung 21700 cells. Built with a BMS to help protect the battery. Upgraded 15w USB-C Charging module. Chargeable via USB-C. Fully charges under 4 hours. Typically, under 3 hours.

All batteries are tested to be fully functional in my personal FT-5D.

Please read F.A.Q at the bottom for restock information.

Canadian Customers:
I've finally got a report from a customer that he had to pay a substantial "brokerage" fee on top of import fee through UPS Standard shipping. 

Battery Pack User Guide PDF link here.

Please Note: 

While the charging module is upgraded, not all USB-C cables are created equally, and may not be compatible. If you run into charging issues, please try a different cable or charger. A USB-A to USB-C cable is nearly guaranteed to work.

This is a 3D printed housing with hand assembled internals. Due to the nature of 3D printing and hand assembling, your item may have minor blemishes or cosmetic defects. Prints may have color or surface texture variations. This will have no impact on its usability.

This item is made to order, and fulfilled by first come first serve. 

Do you need upgrade or replacement parts? Please email me directly.

Belt clip featured in the photos is not included with your purchase.
The black battery packs shown on this page represent the quality and function of the product you will order. This special edition battery pack is Olive Green. 


Q. When will this be back in stock? A. I try to restock on a weekly basis. If you missed  the current batch, I invite you to sign up for email notifications at the bottom of any page, or by clicking the 'CQ CQ CQ' on the bottom left of the screen. 

Q. My battery is not charging. A.  Try a different USB cord. Not all cords are created equally.

Q. The light is flashing, what does it mean? A. The board as detected an issue with the cord you are trying to use. Swap it out and try again.

Q. What do the lights mean? A. Two lights indicate charging. One indicates charged. Flashing indicates an error.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jay Hamrick
Great Product !

The only extended battery on the market and a great product.

Jimmy Mizell
Fantastic Battery Upgrade

This is a fantastic battery upgrade for my HT. The stock battery for my FT3 doesn't last very long and takes a very long time to recharge. This upgraded battery has more capacity and therefore lasts a really long time. It can also be recharged using a USB C cable.

whalen, paul
Battery works, both LEDs on during charging.

Battery works, but both status LEDs stay on when charging and never change state.

Mark Dain
Hi-cap FT5D battery

I love this battery. Way easier and faster to charge than the stock battery. Thank you.

James Totten
Good Battery

Charged nicely. Haven't had the opportunity to use it yet.