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6Ah Portable Battery Pack | LiFePo4 | Anderson PowerPole

6Ah Portable Battery Pack | LiFePo4 | Anderson PowerPole

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Here is my flavor of a portable battery pack!

12.8V nominal charge, its most similar in voltage to a lead acid battery. This makes it fully compatible with any of your HF rigs!

6Ah in capacity, you can play radio for hours at your favorite park.

Spartan and bare bones by design, trust that this battery will get you on the air.

Includes (one) 6in power cord terminated in Anderson PowerPole. 


17A Max Discharge

3A charge. Able to fully charge in two hours

Silicone Wire for durability and flexibility

Anderson PowerPole Connectors

5.9-6.0Ah of actual, measured discharge

76 Watt-hours Capacity

BMS Protections: 

Over discharge

Over Charge

Short Circuit

Temperature Protection

Cell Balancing

Charger Recommendation on Amazon. $18

You will need to install your own Anderson PowerPole connector on this charger.  

Note: You must use a charger that is specifically compatible with LiFePo4 battery chemistry. Using any other charger can result in damage or a fire. Please read the Lithium disclosure under Site info for more info.

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Customer Reviews

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This is a great battery pack! Charges and discharges through the same power pole port, and is the perfect size for my QRP SOTA activations!